Producers of Raw Cane Sugar and Black Strap Molasses


Juice from the mill is pumped to a 1,602 cu. ft. (11,980 gal.) tank for liming. There are two 2,500 sq. ft. heating surface heaters, and two more of 5,000 sq. ft. heating surface each.

LaSuCa has one 24'-diameter Dorr multifeed four-compartment continuous clarifier and one 30'-diameter Graver clarifier. Both clarifiers are fitted with additional drawdown boxes and mud pumps to increase their capacity. A third clarifier, a new 26'-diameter Rapi-Dorr, was installed for the 2002 crop. (This replaced an older 24' Rapi-Dorr in the same location.) The factory has one 10' x 16' Eimco, one 10' x 18' Eimco and one 12' x 16' Eimco rotary vacuum filter. (The 12' x 16' was installed for the 2002 crop and replaced an 8' x 12' Oliver filter in the same location.) Bagacillo for the filter station comes from 50 sq. ft. of screening surface on the bagasse carrier of the steam plant.