Producers of Raw Cane Sugar and Black Strap Molasses

Vacuum and Condensing

There are eight vacuum pans: one of 700 cu. ft., one 900 cu. ft., two 1,100 cu. ft., one 1,200 cu. ft., two 2,000 cu. ft., and one of 3,000 cu. ft. Discharge valves and cut-over valves are operated by air-hydraulic systems. Pans 5 through 8 are automated with a Smar system from Brazil.

Individual condensers and Schutte & Koerting ejectors serve the evaporators and the vacuum pans. One S&K ejector raises vacuum quickly at the vacuum pan station.

The spray pond was redesigned in recent years to obtain a capacity of 35,280 gpm. Seven pumps, with a total capacity of 53,580 gpm, can pump water to the spray pond. The condenser cooling water is recirculated, and the makeup is obtained from treated recirculated water.

A battery of injection pumps capable of 47,500 gpm supplies water to the pan and evaporator condensers. Water is sent to the factory via gravity from the spray pond. Makeup water to the system is obtained from treated recirculated water.